Artworks commissioned by Costa Cruises

At the beginning of 2020, I was contacted by art director Manuel Roncoroni of Top Ars to create some proposals for paintings to be placed inside the new Costa Toscana ship of Costa Cruises.

Initially, the contract was for the creation of three works inspired by my previous painting Octopus from the Feathers, Spire and Tentacles series.
At the time, the design of the ship was still in an embryonic phase, also due to the beginning of the pandemic, which caused a major slowdown in the progress of the work. Manuel, under the supervization of architect Adam Tihany, had to solve the fitting out of two restaurant areas.

Inspired by my old drawings Oniricacittà, he asked me to create some plates renamed Oniric Tuscany, where I represented in a surrealist way 6 famous architectural areas of the Tuscan territory. In addition to this, the 3 paintings outlined at the beginning doubled and gave me the opportunity to create these 2 series: Fins Sipres and Tentacles and Oniric Tuscany.