brand design

  • 50th Simonini ham producer

    50th Simonini Prosciutti brand

    50th Vittorio Simonini brand

    Commemorative mark for the fiftieth anniversary of the Simonini Vittorio ham factory.

  • 60th AVIS Sala Baganza

    60th AVIS Sala Baganza brand

    Sessantesimo anniversario AVIS Sala Baganza

    Celebrative brand studio of the AVIS of Sala Baganza, which in 2019 turned sixty years of activity.

  • Andorno Breedings 1910

    Andorno Breedings 1910 brands

    Andorno Breedings 1910 brand

    Study and graphic design of the brand for pig breeding and marketing of Parma ham. The Adorno Breedings 1910 farm is located in the municipality of Borgo d'Ale (Vercelli), an ancient village with medieval origins, characterized by an original heraldic coat of arms consisting of a winged tower (Burgus Alarum, the ancient name of the village) taken up within the brand to highlight the territorial identity.

  • Beerroteca

    Beerroteca beer and wine store brand

    Beerroteca beer and wine store brand
    Brand for store located in the heart of Parma that sells quality wines and craft beers.

  • Brand design

  • Castellana Tour

    Castellana Tour brand

    Castellana Tour event brand

    Restyling graphic brand for recreational and cultural association "Giro della Castellana" on the occasion of the 3rd edition.

  • DolceTino

    Dolce Tino brand

    Dolce Tino brand - Tino Prosciutti cured meats and salami maturing company

    Dolce Tino

    Brand for Tino Prosciutti's food line of hams.

  • Flatbread Lulù brand

    Flatbread Lulù brand

    Marchio focaccia Lulù di èPane - Bakery & Delicatessen

    I study name and brand realization for flatbread to the shovel produced by the company èPane - Bakery & Delicatessen.

  • Il Buono di Parma

    Marchio Il Buono di Parma

    Il Buono di Parma brand

    Brand design for a company that trades in cooked hams and cured meats "Made in Parma".

  • New LS Group

    New LS Group brand

    New LS Group brand

    Brand realization for New LS Group company. Company specialized in the installation of photovoltaic panels and mechanical automation for the food industry.

  • Pizzola Spare Parts

    Pizzola Spare Parts brand

    Pizzola Spare Parts brand

    Study and brand realization for one of the most important car parts reality in northern Italy.

  • Refolli Pork Butcher

    Refolli Pork Butcher brand

    Refolli Pork Butcher brand

    Brand for small and lively company that produces high quality cold cuts.

  • Sant'Andrea in Arte

    Marchio Sant'Andrea in Arte - Parma

    Sant'Andrea in Arte - Inner Wheel International

    Logotipo per mostra collettiva di opere d'arte presso la chiesa sconsacrata di Sant'Andrea a Parma, promossa dall'Associazione Inner Wheel International.